Chefchaouen, Morocco

I always say that Paris ruined me. I was 22 when I stepped foot in the city for the first time and within 12 months of that initial visit, I quit my fancy fashion job in New York City, sold all of my belongings, sublet my apartment and bought a one-way ticket back to the city of my dreams. Paris promptly knocked me to the ground. And then taught me to be fearless and creative. And forced me to confront loneliness and despair and the loss of my corporate ambition. And showed me how to be inspired by the unknown. And became the launching pad for my greatest travels. And expanded my world with solid friendship and romance. And gave me a glimpse of what could be when I decided not to settle for anything less than a life of my own design.


Without a Map is the genesis of that wanderer spirit. It’s an online boutique selling hand-picked, globally-sourced + vintage clothing, accessories and other unique finds, a travel diary and a community space. Our guiding principal is to seek out what’s real and beautiful every day—whether across the world or in our own backyard— to share with to you. We want to make this world a little smaller, a little more inclusive and accessible, and ultimately, to prove that beauty is found in all sorts of places.


Here, you’ll gain access to the stories, photos and treasures we’ve picked up as we navigate this incredible world. Whether its haggling with sweet talking vendors in the souks of Tozeur, getting lost in the colorful markets in Nairobi, meeting brilliantly creative artisans in Jacmel or combing the racks of thrift shops in Baltimore, this site is a collection of the things we’ve fallen in love with.


This is a space for travelers, and non-travelers alike. Our hope is that we inspire you to both go out and see the world and to bring a little bit of the world into your home through some of our favorite thingsBecause now, you can do it all Without a Map.


Thanks for traveling with me,




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